Massage doesn’t just feel good. Research shows both physical and mental health benefits, such as reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, and increased overall well-being. Massage enhances alertness and increases employee productivity. Forward-thinking companies know it can be a cost-effective strategy to lower employee turnover and improve performance.

In a year-long research study done at 3M in Austin, Texas, employees reported an immediate reduction of stress following an on-site chair massage. In a survey of the employees who received massage:

99.7% said massage should be made accessible to all employees
79.5% said massage is an on-site necessity in the workplace
91.8% plan to continue massage
94.6% would recommend massage without reservations
99% indicated muscular release
88.9% indicated reduction in stress
91.9% indicated enhanced overall well-being

Massage works wonders in alleviating the physical and mental strain that usually accompanies stress. It is known to relieve fatigue, lower anxiety, strengthen immunity and enhance creativity—all benefits easily recognized by the savvy employer.

Corporate Massage Inc. provides on-site massage for companies of various sizes. Contract services are available across the United States.

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