Exhibitors and event organizers, on-site chair massage from Corporate Massage is perfect for your convention or trade show. Chair massage is a cost-effective strategy to build traffic and requires minimal space for set-up.

  • Keep attendees at your booth longer by offering chair massages from Corporate Massage.
  • Create anticipation and demand with a pre-show invitation or coupon for a free massage inserted in welcome/registration bags.
  • Have our Corporate Massage therapists wear logo shirts provided by your company to create a cohesive look.
  • Offer chair massage as a prize for attending a demonstration or watching a video.
  • Offer chair massage during your event’s slow periods to relieve stress and tension.
  • Build goodwill with colleagues and potential customers by offering a free massage after a long day at your event.
  • Thank vendors for their participation with a chair massage. It’s easy to offer: all they have to do is sit down!

Chair massage from Corporate Massage is also available as a hosted service. Attendees can receive 5-10 minute booster massages sponsored by your association or one or more of your major exhibitors.

Corporate Massage Inc. provides on-site massage for companies of various sizes. Contract services are available across the United States.

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